There is no better measure of a school’s culture than how inclusive it is for its most vulnerable students!

At Learning Tree, we value diversity and differences. We see that supporting students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) as integral to the success of our school and not as an “add on”. Our school is fully inclusive. Our qualified and trained Special Needs teachers and Assistants play a significant part of the workforce in the school.

Our model confirms the importance of having every student at the center of the learning process and having the skills, knowledge and materials to effectively identify and respond to the individual learning and development needs. It consists of four elements:

ASSESS: Standardized and informal assessment tools are used by the Special Needs Teacher to determine the student’s strengths and challenges.

DATA: The assessment tools produce a comprehensive Special Education report that identifies the point at which the student is ready to learn. Completing the report allows the Special Needs homeroom teacher to indicate the level at which the student has the ability to learn and strategies that can be used to teach the student.

PLAN: The Special Needs homeroom teacher uses the Common Core Standard Curriculum that integrates Learning through nature approach to identify appropriate student learning goals. She will then be able to plan programs to achieve these goals using relevant teaching and learning strategies.

TEACH: The Special Needs Homeroom teacher implements the strategies and Individual Education Plans (IEP) developed for her student. We believe in the no “one – size – fits -all” approach. Therefore, the Special Needs Homeroom teacher will monitor and make adjustments to the content, strategies and resources based on the learning profile of her student. She delivers structured, evidence – based interventions to individuals or small groups. Our innovative practice ensures all learners have the best possible chance to be successful.

Our students with Special Educational Needs will get integrated into the mainstream classrooms during Specialist lessons.

Speech and Language therapy as well as Occupational therapy services will be offered, on demand, by highly qualified therapists working within the Special Education team.


Classes start at 7h30 am and finish at 1 pm.

After School Club

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