Through nature-based activities, our curriculum in first grade is designed to meet our students’ level.

In English, our students will read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. They will understand the key ideas and details of stories. Our teachers will follow a comprehensive and sequenced phonics program to help students analyze and decode words. They will also start to write informative and narrative texts.

In Math, we believe that children learn best using a multisensory approach; this approach allows them to “see” the math as their learning occurs through three stages: doing, then visualizing, then symbolic/abstract. Our curriculum covers the number sense, Algebra, Measurement and Data as well as Geometry.

Our students will embrace the nature through a comprehensive science curriculum that will cover plants world, animals and how they communicate, light and shadows and sky patterns.

In addition, our program covers social studies, Specialists lessons, Arabic language as well as Islamic.


Classes start at 7h30 and finish at 2 pm.

After School Club

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