Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students.

At Learning Tree, students with learning support requirements are fully included in a content – rich, general education setting. Our school implements a clearly – defined, team based system that combines in class support and academic intervention in a resource classroom.

We embrace innovative approaches to providing services for students with learning difficulties.  Teaching and learning processes in the classroom are planned in a way that they meet the specific needs of students with learning difficulties. Therefore, adaptation and modification will be implemented: Adaptation refers to adjusting assessments, material, curriculum, or classroom

environment to accommodate the student’s needs so he/she can participate in, and achieve the teaching-learning goals. Modification involves making changes to learning goals, teaching processes, assignments and/or assessments to accommodate the student’s learning needs.

Our model confirms the importance of having every student at the center of the learning process and having the skills, knowledge and materials to effectively identify and respond to the individual learning and development needs. It consists of two elements:

ASSESS: Standardized and informal assessment tools are used to identify the student’s strengths and areas of needs as well as the level of support required.

INTERVENTION: A systematic and transparent Individual Education Plan for the student with learning difficulties will be prepared. It lists down the adaptations required for the student as well as the programs of intervention. It is specific and flexible. The progress of the student is reviewed at set intervals.

Speech and Language therapy as well as Occupational therapy services will be offered, on demand, by highly qualified therapists working within the Special Education team.


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